About Us​

Our racing team is a family-run operation dedicated to providing an inclusive and affordable environment for kids of all financial backgrounds to pursue their passion for racing. We focus on elevating their driving and racing skills, empowering them to reach their full potential on the track.


Mr. Balazs Pataki, a European migrant, has a profound ardor for the sport of motorsport racing, which has been evident since his juvenescence.
Balazs emigrated to the United States a quarter-century in the past, bereft of any proficiency in the English language. Commencing from humble origins resorted to undertaking any sort of employment that he could, gradually attaining an auspicious position as a General Manager , eventually culminating in his own entrepreneurial venture due to his indefatigable efforts.

Despite his unwavering passion for motorsports, his professional pursuits prevented our involvement in the sport.

The heretofore existing state of affairs underwent a substantial alteration upon the birth of his son, namely Benjamin Pataki.

Since the inception of Benjamin’s motor skills, Balazs has ensured that in the event of his productive work on the family vehicle, Benjamin is present in the garage.

Upon Benjamin turning into his very first lustrum, his attendant chaperoned him to a precinct reserved for the competition of Go-Karting situated in the vicinity. It was then that Benjamin became enamored with the facility and its pertinent pursuit.

In a temporal proximity of several lunar cycles, the family acquired the inaugural racing kart of Benjamin and commenced familiarization.

Team's mission

One of the ways in which Formula 1 is helping to promote motor sports in the United States is by hosting races on some of the country’s most iconic circuits, such as Circuit of the Americas in Texas and the iconic Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Additionally, Formula 1 teams and drivers participate in various media and promotional events to build awareness and cultivate a following among American fans. Moreover, the sport’s unique blend of cutting-edge technology and high-speed competition has captured the imaginations of many US audiences, and is helping to put motor sports on the map in this region of the world.

There has been a notable increase in the number of individuals who are venturing into go-kart racing due to its growing popularity.
Our plan is to leverage the support of our valuable sponsors and maximize PRT’s sales to gradually develop a formidable team over the next few years.

With a strong foundation in place, our ultimate goal is to hone the ability to identify and nurture exceptional talent, providing opportunities for promising young racers to join our team and further their careers.

We extend a warm welcome to all new members joining our family team, and we assure them of our unwavering support as they embark on this journey with us.

Our primary objective is to elevate the racing skills of our racers and equip them with a strong foundation in motorsports that can support their adult racing career.

Our Drivers

Benjamin Friol Pataki

Born in August 24th, 2016

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