Qualifying: P8

In the qualifying session, Benjamin (99) initially secured P8 on the grid. However, during the technical inspection, his car was disqualified for having out-of-spec fuel. As a result, he was pushed back to P12 on the starting grid for heat 1.

Heat 1:

Benjamin (99) started from P12 on the grid. He quickly gained two positions at the beginning of the race, moving up to P10. However, he later got involved in an incident, which pushed him back to P12. Despite this setback, Benjamin managed to recover by gaining two positions again, ultimately finishing the race in P10.

Heat 2:

Benjamin (99) started from P10 on the grid and drove well throughout the race. Despite starting from a lower position, he showcased strong driving skills and managed to gain a position, finishing the race in P9.


Benjamin started from P9 on the grid. He quickly advanced to P8 within a couple of laps and engaged in a battle for P7 throughout the race. However, just two laps before the race ended, the front bumper’s clamp came off his kart, causing him to spin out. Despite this unfortunate technical failure, Benjamin showed resilience and determination, managing to finish the race in P11.